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 While the complete principle of running a marathon is to stay fit and promote healthy lifestyle, this 50-year-old man from China has gone viral after he completed the 42-km run while smoking cigarettes.

The picture of 'Uncle Chen' has been circulating on social media last week, he was spotted lighting cigarettes in the middle of his run at the Xin'anjiang marathon in Jiande.

The fact that smoking can affect running performance as oxygen drops, Chen finished his run in three hours and 28 minutes. He become the 574th person out of 1500 participants who had completed the race.   

His photos went viral on Weibo, a well-known Chinese social media app.

There are some who had expressed disappointment over his behavior, and suggest to ban Chen from the race.

"I feel bad for the runners around him," another comment said.

Currently, there are no rules prohibiting marathon runners from smoking cigarettes while in the competition.

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