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Showing posts with label China. Show all posts
China introduces anal swab tests for better COVID-19 detection
Report says Covid-19 found in 'ice cream'
Only Martial Arts Master with steel balls can do this, better not to try this at home!
China becomes second country after US to place a flag on the moon
China sends world's first 6G satellite into space
This racing pigeon was sold at $1.9 million in an auction
Nurse kills, dismembers and cooks doctor's body parts
Over 6000 people test positive for brucellosis in China
Golden retriever protects little girl as she is being scold by her mother
3-year-old boy gets the suspected bubonic plague in China
China partygoers flocked at Wuhan water park
Frontline worker dumps huge amount of sweat from her hazmat went viral
Tick-Borne virus emerges in China, 67 people infected, 7 dead
China warns of new disease that is deadlier than COVID
China Reports 57 New Coronavirus Cases, A Record High In 2 Months
Wuhan to test all citizens after new coronavirus cases emerge
China records 14 New Coronavirus cases after more than a month of zero cases
Elderly Man Giving His Wife A Piggyback Ride Across A Busy Street Will Make You Cry
Airport Officials Confiscated Dead Birds In Chinese Passenger's Baggage From China
Filipino who defend a delivery man from arrogant Chinese woman earned praised online

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