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A video of a driver's license test in China has gone viral as it showed the level of difficulty during a test drive. Lots of netizens were impressed at the video uploaded on Twitter with most of them are comparing how every country conducted the driver's license test. 

While most of us might have passed the test very simple with a few steps to follow, this one in China must really needs your best driving skills. The video which so far garnered more than 11 million views have left several people in awe. 

"Driver license exam station in China," businessman Tansu Yegen on Twitter wrote.

The 48-second viral clip showed a driving skills of the applicant navigating a narrow zig-zag lane and passes through a number 8 shaped track. Then, the driver skillfully parked the car in reverse.

Mixed reactions started to flood in the comments section of the post with one said in jest: "Looks more like a fast furious audition."

Another one said: "So they basically want us to be GTA drivers."

Others even compared a drive test in Taiwan on which a driver  needs the " parallel parking has to be done in one shot, no back-and-forth. If you fail twice, you are out,"

Meanwhile, another Twitter user who claimed he is from China discredit what being shown in the video.

"I'm from China. This video isn't exactly right. Actually in China the exam has been separated to 4 parts - 2 practical and 2 theoretical. Most difficult part is the first practical exam. And at this part, you need to pass 5 tests at one shot," he said.

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