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 A dress that seems to be distinguishable in color seen by netizens went viral on social media. Some of the netizens were confused about the colors that appeared to be different from some netizens. Some said it was white and gold and others said, black and blue.

It appears that the color of the dress went viral since 2015 because lots of people could not agree on its colors.

The said dress is a photograph that became a viral phenomenon on social media. Most of the viewers disagreed on whether the said dress was in color black and blue or white and gold.

There are some scientific explanations for the dress color illusion. Color illusions are images where the object's surrounding colors trick the eye into incorrectly interpreting the color.

In some explanations, daylight might be the cause of the changes in color. People see objects because the light is reflected.

Until now people in the internet are still decoding about the mystery of the dress, with one said: "I have tried, for years, to see this dress in blue and black. I messed with the lights on my devices, tried to trick my brain, did the entire photoshop thing to get the colors, cropped it, etc... I have only ever seen white and gold. The dress is white and gold, it looks better."

Another one said: "The only way I can see faded blue and black is if I look at a small part of the bottom half of the dress and block out the rest of the photo, like looking through a tube. If I'm looking at the whole photo that dress is white and gold and nothing will convince me otherwise." 

"In the YEARS that this debate has been a thing I have only seen white and gold but I backed out of a tweet to this and I saw blue and black.  I blinked my eyes in a double take and the second I opened my eyes it was white and gold again. Demon magic," another one said.

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