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Yassi Pressman has hit out at "judgemental" critics after a controversial photo of her sister Issa Pressman holding hands with James Reid went viral on social media.

Many netizens speculated the viral photo suggest that the two had just confirmed their relationship.
Then actress took to social media to educate people about "fake conspiracies."

Yassi pleaded for people not to be "opinionated but try harder to be educated with facts," she said.

"Cause if the words you threw around were tattooed on you, would you walk around proud," she added. 

But many netizens were quick to leave their response in the comments section of her post for allegedly defending her sister amid controversy.

Other have suggested that "real friends don't do that" basahin nyo paulit2x ng kapatid mo."
Some even call out the actress for "tolerating" her sister. 



In separate Instagram  post, the TV host was unbothered to the critics sentiments as she talked about personal relationships.

"Smiling cause you don't know anything about our personal relationships," she wrote.

"Kung maka-judge!"


In a separate post, the TV host appeared to be unbothered as she talked about personal relationships. 



 "Smiling cause you don't know anything about our personal relationships," she wrote. 


"Kung maka-judge!" 



Back in 2020, Issa was accused of being the third party in the previous relationship of James and his ex-girlfriend, Nadine Lustre.

Issa was quick to shutdown the allegations, saying, "If i stay silent, I'm guilty.'If i stand up for myself, I'm 'defensive'. The world judges either way. But to end it here and now, everything is 100% false, alongside a #ThinkBeforeYouClick."

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