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 Zoe Gabriel, a Filipina TikToker who gained online support after calling a $60 Charles & Keith bag a luxury item once again facing another round of criticisms. Apparently, she is accused of pretending to be poor.



"Appears that the Charkes and Keith Pinoy girl is not as poor as she makes herself out to be. Her dad probably earns more than most Singaporeans. How many of us can afford to home school our kids? Don't be hoodwinked by her," a Facebook user wrote, along with Zoe's father Linkedin job experience history. 




However, some of Zoe's social media followers had came to her defense. 

The social media post has since garnered 2K shares. Recently, social media users have been throwing discussions about her family's financial background.



Even Zoe made a collab TikTok video with her father to address doubts about her family background.

"The truth has always out from the beginning-there were never any 'dirty little secrets," a statement read in a video clip.


"While we are offended, deeply hurt and affected from all these wrongful and false accusations, we choose to stay true to who we are. We chose to understand others and be kind." 


The 17-year-old's father reiterate that "we are not rich but we definitely have enough for our needs. For everything else, we prepare for it, we work hard for it, and we save up for it."



Zoe and her family are thankful to those who have supported them, especially to the young TikToker's 257,000 followers.

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