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 Miss Philippines Earth 2023 crowned Yllana Marie Aduana from Siniloan, Laguna, last April 29 held at the Toledo City Sports Center in Cebu.

However, Miss Philippines Air 2023, Kerri Reilly of Mangatarem, Pangasinan, became the source of controversy for sporting a sheer color block tank one piece swimsuit.



"This is too much Miss Philippines Earth!" said Lacruiser P. Relativo who shared Miss Pangasinan swimsuit photo on Facebook.

The post has since garnered over 700 shares, drawing debate among social media folks.



"This is one of the reasons why beauty pageants are often criticized for their emphasis on physical appearance and the objectification of our women. I feel that the organization crossed the line by advocating such beauty standards. No wonder there has been a growing movement to shift the focus of beauty pageants away from physical appearance and towards other qualities that are more empowering and inclusive," the post read.

"Beauty pageants should be about celebrating the inner beauty, intelligence, and talent of our ladies rather than just their physical appearance. You have become hyper focused on physical appearance by displaying too much skin to the verge of nudity. Beauty pageants, as part of our culture and tradition, has to strike a balance between celebrating physical beauty and promoting values. Not the other way around!" he added.

While Relativo criticized the organization for alleged crossing the line, others responded by saying, "It’s how you perceive beauty pageant subjectively. I bet there’s nothing wrong with the photo unless someone see it with malice. Beauty pageants nowadays transform as the standard of modernization appeals. I guess this is their way of defining art at its finest and I like the way it evolve. Ambot ug nganong affected kay ka nga wala man gani reklamo ang nangapil."

"Uhm the swimsuit was of the candidate's choice and not miss philippines earth's so i think before lambasting MPE, why dont we ask first the candidate if she was forced to wear this or it was indeed ber choice, kasi if its hers, then the narrative should be different," another comment read.


"This was during their swimsuit competition in Bukidnon wherein they brought their own swimsuit attire. Hence if you view the album, they wore different styles of swimsuit. Not the official swimsuit that they wore during the coronation night where it was all uniform.So, it's Miss Pangasinan's prerogative to wear such attire, not the org," another one said.

"We get you sentiments sir pero you don't need to worry kasi the Girl is confident with what she's wearing, and ang mga girls mismo ang pumili ng susuotin nila, hindi sila pinilit ng Miss Philippines Earth org. Tsaka ang ganitong Swimsuit di naman to bago, Nicole Harlene Budol also wore a similar Swimsuit like that during her BBP stint, bat wala kang say? Or you just want to attack Miss Philippines Earth because it is an underrated beauty Pageant, Less backlash?" 
Meanwhile, Puerto Princesa bet Jemimah Joy Zabala won Miss Philippines Water 2023. Sha'uri Livori of the Filipino Community in Melbourne, Australia took the Miss Philippines Fire 2023, while Athena Auxillo of Toledo City won Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2023.


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