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Meta to Discontinue Messenger and Instagram chat by mid-December

 Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is set to discontinue a feature that allows users to chat with Facebook friends directly on Instagram. The cross-platform integration, introduced in 2020, will be removed starting mid-December 2023.

While Meta has not provided an official reason for the decision, speculation suggests that it may be related to the company's efforts to comply with the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA, passed in 2022, aims to prevent large tech companies from abusing their market dominance.

The cross-platform chat feature was initially introduced as an optional integration, allowing users to seamlessly communicate with their Facebook friends on Instagram without switching platforms. However, with the upcoming removal of the feature, users will need to use the Messenger app to chat with Facebook friends who are not on Instagram.

Existing chats between Instagram and Facebook accounts will remain accessible, but they will become read-only, meaning users will not be able to send new messages. Additionally, Facebook accounts will no longer be able to see activity status or read receipts for Instagram users.

The decision to discontinue the cross-platform chat feature could be seen as a preemptive measure by Meta to avoid potential regulatory scrutiny under the DMA. By reducing the interconnectedness of its platforms, Meta may aim to demonstrate its willingness to comply with the DMA's aim of fostering a more competitive digital market.

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