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Security Guard Hypes Up Crowd at Taylor Swift's Concert

 A security guard has gone viral for dancing his heart out and even hyping the crowd at a Taylor Swift concert.

A lot of Taylor Swift fans have been unhappy about being unable to buy tickets to any of her concert venues to the Eras Tour. But it seems that some people are sooooo lucky because they get to watch the concert for free – and even get paid to do it! Yep. 


That’s true for the countless members of the concert crew, including the security guards. And while it’s also true that they’re there to work, this hasn’t stopped them from also having a good time while on the job.

Instagram user @anindi93 shared a video of a security guard dancing his heart out to Taylor Swift’s song “Love Story.” With the crowd facing the concert stage, he had the ramp as his own “stage” for a while. 


What’s even impressive for many netizens is that this man isn’t even a professional dancer! Yet he’s dancing his heart out like a real Swiftie. Though he was able to do the “performance” in private for a short time, the people standing nearby soon got wind of what he was doing.

Some of the guys soon cheered him on while the others also started to join in the dance! What a way to hype out the crowd, even for just a short while.

A guard known as Pocket became a social media star, getting over 12.7 views on TikTok while she danced and sang to the pop star’s song.

Social Media Reactions

Netizens were quick to react to the security guard’s dance moves. Many of them praised him for his ability to have fun while on the job.

“[He] is living his best life,” wrote one netizen.

“I’m so happy to see someone enjoying themselves so much,” wrote another.

“This is what it’s all about,” wrote a third.

The security guard’s dance moves have even inspired other people to start dancing at concerts.

“I’m going to do this at the next concert I go to,” wrote one netizen.

“This is the motivation I need to get up and dance,” wrote another.

So, if you ever see a security guard dancing at a concert, don’t be afraid to join in! You might just find yourself having the time of your life.

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