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Young Filipina who invented AC without using cooling agent needs $3 million to start her eco-friendly AirDisc

As the world faces environmental crises, we need a more environmental-friendly ideas that could contribute to the world.

This young pinay, Maria Yzabell Angel Palma, 20, from Naga City, was a Grade 10 student before at the elite Philippines Science High School (PSHS) Bicol when she accidentally discovered a game changer Air Conditioning (AC)  invention that uses a disc-shaped compressor

Just like any other conventional air-conditioning system that uses piston or rotary compressor pumps a harmful coolant, however, Palma's AC uses low compression and replaces a high volume of air molecules as refrigerant. Her invention was recognized by the International Federation of Inventors' Association (IFIA) and completed the application at the Virginia-based US Patent and Trademarks Office.
In an interview with ANC, Palma said that she was open for investor to support her eco-friendly creation with an initial budget to approximate $3 million, enough to propel her dream of cooling the world without the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) as cooling agent.

"I want to build it in Partido (Camarines Sur)," Palma said.  

"Right now, we're setting appointments in the Philippines. But I'm meeting foreign investors. We have to find, you know, the perfect synchronisation with the investors, find a perfect team and collaborators to make AirDisc happen."

     Screengrab from James Dyson Award Foundation

AirDisc cooling system is a remarkable invention that could potentially replace century old technology which ties humans as the direct victims of chemical refrigerants.


  1. Wow the host really asked where she lives. Good job dickhead.

  2. Big countries will just buy her patent


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