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India's students were ask to wear boxes on heads to stop cheating during exams

While we're trying to understand every school disciplinary actions for there students, this school in India has a bizarre attempt to crack down on cheating for their students. The photograph that have been viral online earned mixed reactions, with some lambasted the school for making students sit an exam with cardboard boxes on their heads. 
        Photo Credit: Twitter
Bhagat Pre-University College in the South Indian state of Karnataka asked students to wear cardboard boxes covering their heads down to the face, so that your eyeballs will just focused at the test questioners.  

Photos online shows row upon row of students sitting down, taking the test with a variety of boxes covering their heads, sort of like you're taking exams in the outer space, right?
                               Photo Credit: Twitter
While one of the aforementioned school officials said that they apologise for the use of strategy, they did this as an experimental basis when they heard other schools doing it. Satish added that the new technique has a consensus between students who were taking part. "There was no compulsion of any kind," he told BBC Hindi.

Local news agency IANS reported that an official notice has been issued to Bhagat Pre-University College seeking explanation about the incident.

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