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First Apple Tree To Grow In The Philippines Is Now A Social Media's Interest

Filipinos are most likely a big fan of apple fruit. Quickly after this photo went viral in social media many of them want to know how it was successfully grow in the Philippines.

The Davao del Sur State College's Agriculture Technology graduate Benzone Kennedy Franes Sepe became the new social media's interest as people are eager to know how he able to grow the popular fruit in the world.

It was a big achievement for Sepe as it was a very challenging to grow apple in a tropical country like the Philippines. Sepe's project started in 2014 where he planted three apple seeds but after several months, two of the seedlings died. But, he became optimistic with the third seed as it continue to grow. So, Benzone has to exert more effort and continue his research how to properly grow the precious apple.
With his knowledge in propagating plants and through the help of internet, he successfully grow up the last seed. "I pruned the plant but it did not end there. I found out a proper way on the internet and that the branch should be bent for sunlight exposure," Sepe said. 

After several years of waiting and patience, he got surprised when he noticed flowers bloom, a sign that the apple tree is preparing to give fruit.

Benzone harvested the first four pinkish-red apples. When asked about the taste, "I cannot see any difference between that and a commercial apple because the juiciness and crunchiness are still there."
Benzone has posted videos on Kapatagan Apple Orchard Digos City Benzone YouTube Channel following the success of his apple tree, most likely to be the first in the Philippines.

If Benzone's apple tree will get successful in the future, this could be the future source that will boast the source of local apples in the Philippines.


  1. Fantastic. That means the tree adapted sa sub-tropical weather by 'pinas. Normally, para mag bear ng fruit ang Apple needs a hibernation period. This tree doesn't. It may affect yield but this is a great beginning for the future of Apple crops sa atin
    The tree acclimatised successfully sa atin


    me apples na po sa Sagada, Mt Province

  3. wala naman ata sa sagda, they try to revive but I dont know kung namunga. ang alam ko orange lang ang meron sa sagada.

  4. Meron akong one and only apple plant dito sa Impasug-ong , Bukidnon...pero not yet fruiting...i'm hopeful but remains to be seen kung mamunga ba talaga :)

  5. Galing talaga ng pinoy sana dumami pa ang mapabuhay mo puno ng apple...Good job 100thumbs up ka para sa akin..

  6. Sagada and nearby town, Besao, have been cultivating Apple and pear trees way back 80s pa. Many American homes along South Drive had backyard apple trees in the 70s.

  7. I think currently, only Benzone showed the evidence in the Philippines the success of his apple tree. I mean, grow until it gave fruit.

  8. I had been eating apple fruits in the 70s from my grandfathers backyard here in Besao, Mountain Province. They are big and sweet. Unfortunately, the apple trees died due to pink disease. We have green apples too. Now we have lots of pears.

  9. So as far as the Cordilleras are concerned, check the higher elevations and you will see older trees of apples. From our senior commenters, they attest that apple trees have been planted in the Cordilleras to defeat your stance claiming only now has apples been successfully propagated. Many in the 50s have already been harvesting them for the Baguio Market. In some accounts though, the Pink disease inflicting apple trees shifted to pears. Temperate climate fruits trees were propagated in the Cordilleras, as influenced by Americans and Japanese: apples, pears, persimmons. For so long, too, marcotting and grafting had been practiced in the propagation.

    But, well, hoping them well, too. This is just to clarify the claim for Philippines' first as the higher elevations can successfully propagate apples. So if they can with apples then add pears and persimmons, too.

  10. I saw fruit bearing apple trees somewhere in Baguio in the mid-70's.

  11. I do not agree that this is the first ever in the Philippines. I live in zamboanga city in 2008, in our subdivision in barangay Tetuan my neighbor named bobby have grapes and other fruits. One of those is an apple tree blooming with flowers when we left in 2009. Bobbyis an agronomist.


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