President Duterte grant 6th grader's request to make a video clip for his class nationality report

Despite of his busy schedule, President Duterte granted the 6th grader's request to make him a short video for his class nationality report.

Just recently the letter of Andre Gabriel Custodio Esteban went viral after it was posted by his mother Almyra Grace Esteban on her Facebook page. In his letter Andrei In his letter Andre, who is a student in Fresno, California, USA requested the president, whom he “admires greatly” for a short video clip saying hello to his teacher, Mrs. Ricchuiti, his classmates, and himself.

The letter reached the president and granted the request of Andre. His video message was posted on Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go’s Facebook account.

Here's the short video from President Duterte:

Hello, Andre. Your letter reached the President and he gladly agreed to your request. Rest assured that PRRD is working hard to build a brighter future for children like you. We also hope to meet you in person here in the Philippines soon. We are confident that you will do great in your report. Hope this helps. God bless you, Andre.

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