Fil-Am friends in Houston gone viral for hanging up own Ad in McDonald's wall over 50 days before being caught

A Filipino American students in Texas are going viral for a prank that can be hard to do but it's in a matter of effort to try. Amazingly the bogus poster went unnoticed by McDonald's workers and customers for more than 51 days.

One day Jehv Maravilla and Christian Toledo spent a time in McDonald's, as they looked around they noticed that no Asian posters hanging in a wall store.   

Then they saw a bare wall and an idea come up, to fill it... with a giant poster of themselves. They ordered a giant poster to their home and planned their prank. They took a casual photo of themselves, walking and talking while holding a McDonald's burger and a red carton of French fries and made a few edits and send into a Depot for printing.

Still there's another challenge to be done, hanging fake advertisement without noticing by McDonalds personnel. To complete the mission, Maravilla purchased a $7 McDonald's polo he found in a store, created a badge and gave himself the job title of Regional Interior Coordinator. 

The plan was completed and the two friends were ready for there disguise uniform with complete McDonalds gear. Maravilla enters the restaurant and instructs Toledo and other friends of where to hang the poster on McDonald's wall.

Amazingly they completed the tasked without a single McDonald's staff member notice and question them. 

The prank has gone viral with more than 100,000 retweets and 400,000 likes.

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