Kevin Durant will join Lebron James at LA Lakers

Kevin Durant will be joining Lebron James at the Los Angeles Lakers next season, NBA journalist Brandon Robinson Tweeted.

"Lebron, KD and Kuzma were all togetehr yesterday at a filming downtown LA. KD & Lebron's crew were there. KD will be a Laker next summer. Book it."

"Spoke to a source today who confirmed Kevin Durant will be a LA Laker next year," Brandon Robinson shared in his Twitter account.

"Just like Lebron planned his move LA a year or more earlier, #KD is doing the same right now. They want to form the best duo in the NBA and set up KD to be the face of the Lakers post-#Lebron," He added.

However, Robinson slightly downgrade his initial statement after his post was circulated on social media.

"Again....not confirming anything....source seemed adamant," he added. I'd downgrade and say that he's highly considering it at best. Long season ahead and lots of things could happen between now and then."

But on the other hand, the report also said that the New York team is aiming to sign him in. Durant will be a great additional to Knicks alongside with their Lithuanian star Kristaps Porzingis.

Meanwhile, Durant signed a 1+1 deal with the Bay Area team. Durant said that it is better for him to sign short-term deal following his desire to have control over his future.

Well, let's see in the next couple of days if speculation is true.


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