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People lined up to try Davao's MAXI MANGO FLOAT

Call out all your friends at MAXI Mango, try to prove the delicious and yummy mango-soft that they served.

If we were describe Davao, we could quickly say the famous exotic fruit durian, but this MAXI Mango from Davao has been gaining social media buzz in Metro Manila as they brought sweet ripe mangoes here.

The Davao-based business has started in 2017 and now bringing to Manila their MAXI Mango Float that people most loved.

Their signature MAXI Mango Float Ice Cream for you to choose the size starts the price from P65 to P99 features their own mango, topped with a thick layer of crushed graham, more soft-serve, and finished it with mango chuncks and syrup.

The Mango Ice Cream is also one of the best seller and prices start at P49,making it a great sweet treat for you.


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