Mader Sitang shares early Christmas treat to Manila's poor Children

The 59-year-old Thai internet sensation who gained fame for her "head throw" videos visited the Philippines and shared her early Christmas gift to less fortunate children  of Manila. Mader Sitang whose funny online videos gone viral had been popular to Filipinos and now she is sharing back her fortune.

Recently, she organized a feeding program for children in Quezon City plus a cash as her early Christmas gifts.

Known to her compassion, while walking the streets of Manila when she chanced upon a baby carried by her mother. Being a soft heart person she gave the mother and the child 500 pesos.

Sitang has truly become an icon to define the real beauty with a good heart. Despite of criticisms she received online, Sitang has never stopped helping the people in need.

The Asia's top transgender supermodel lawyer with the highest online followers from Bangkok, Thailand visited Manila. Sitang will going to have a mind-blowing fun-fusion with her Filipino fans. Her funtabulous charisma and signature hair, flipping dance moves will surely spell goodvives.

According to her manager Wilbert, she will be signing a contract and will possibly do a movie with Vice Ganda.


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