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Delighted Teacher shares dedicated Student outdated Visual Aids praised by Netizens

A look back at some old school tools that used to be common place in the classroom. Every day, new technology emerges with the capacity to transform the classroom.

From the way students learn, interact, and play to the way teachers instruct, engage, and enrich, innovations in computing, communication, and presentation have made today's classroom largely unrecognizable from those of the mid-to-late 20th century.

Due to the advancement of technology, schools are innovating interactive learning by using some tools like overhead projector and computer. But even though most of us have been surrounded by these technologies, there still some who can't afford this kind of technology due to some reasons.

This story that had gone viral online was praised by his teacher and classmates for having a creative initiative. The student was tasked to have a "Powerpoint" presentation for their class and despite having no laptop the student managed her class reporting by bringing back the class to primitive learning.

She placed all her visual aids and discussions on the board and tried to be the best speaker of the day. 

Although technology gives comfort and most effective way for interactive learning, still primitive teaching for some are more efficient for those people willing  to learn.


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