Newlywed couple died after being swallowed by a sidewalk sinkhole just 4 days after getting married

Four people have been confirmed dead including a father, 11-year-old boy and a newlywed couple after falling into a massive sinkhole in South west China. A horrible accident happened on Sunday in the city of Dazhou, Sinchuan province, China. 

The 23-year-old couple had just got married four days before in their home village near Dazhou. They both worked in the provincial capital of Chengdu and were preparing to take a bus back on Sunday afternoon. Before departing, they went to a grocery store to buy some wedding candy for their friends and colleagues in Chengdu. As they were walking back to the bus station, the ground suddenly collapsed and both fell underground.
Around hundreds of rescuers and excavators were rushed to the place were the incident happened for a rescue operation. It is believed to be at about 10 square meters in diameter and nearly 16 meters deep, according to South China Morning post.

Rescuers first recovered the remains of the woman on Monda, Shanghaiist reported. The couple just got married on October 3, according to the father of the 23-year-old woman named Xiaoqing.


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