7.0-Magnitude Earthquake hit Alaska

A huge 7.0 earthquake has recorded across the Anchorage area Friday in Alaska. Roads sink, streetlight swaying, building wobbled and power lost during the morning.

The quake was centered about seven miles (11kms.) North of Anchorage, the largest city in the state, US Geological Survey (UGS) said. After shocks has been recorded after the intensity that causing people to run out from buildings. 

A tsunami warning was issued but later cancelled for the Cook Inlet and Southern Kenai Peninsula regions. Videos and photos are making rounds on social media showing the chaotic scenes, including students hiding under desks while sending text messages, grocery products tumbling from shelves and hospital workers scrambling for their safety. 

Bill Walker,Alaska Governor  has issued a declaration of disaster. Walker surveyed the extent of the damage in a Black hawk helicopter with the National Guard saying, "It will take longer than that to repair," noting he does not think it will be a matter of a week or two to recover, he said in the media.

Authorities are now assessing damage to roads, bridges, and buildings.

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