This goat is man's best friend that could rival your pet dog

They're noisy and smelly as everyone knows. Like a typical dog, this man in the viral video showed that goats could be as loving and clever as dogs does.

They may seem an unusual candidate for man's best friend but the video will describe how lovely these creature was.

In Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, a man went viral for having an intelligent goat that acts like a dog. Recently, the video that went viral shows a man and a goat in a bakery store. The goat stood on its hind legs to ask the man for food - and he gave his pet a few part of bread before they leaved the bakery.

Netizens really amazed the way the two best of friends dealt with each other. After giving the goat a part of bread he instructed the goat to go up the motorcycle and the goat followed his master as it jumps and place at the back while waiting for the master to seat and start the motorcycle.

Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and TV star Tori Spelling have been goat master for years. Moreover, even scientist have declared goats to be one of man's best friends after conducting an experiments and found out that goats can form bonds with humans in the same way as dogs. 

As of the posting the viral videos garnered morethan 9.7M views, 318K shares and 81K reactions.

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