Karina's Boyfriend To Enter Kuya's House?

Karina Bautista's life inside the Pinoy Big Brother house is getting more challenging as she recently admitted falling in love with housemate Aljon Mendoza.

However, Karina had unfinished relationship with his boyfriend outside the house, waiting and expecting her to be reunited again. 

Netizens praised Karina's boyfriend Christian Dronio on his reaction upon learning Karina's confession inside the house. Christian stated that even though it was painful of watching Karina falling in love with Aljon, still he respect and support Karina's decision coz of some agreement made by both of them before Karina enters the house.

"Before po siya pumasok we talked about it po. Yung possiblity na ganun and I told her na whatever happens, I will just accept it. Kung saan ka masaya, I will support you even if it hurts me so much."

Christian asked people to stop bashing Karina and he requested people to terminate poser accounts saying let's continue supporting KarJon.

Fans are divided to this young Karina's revelation and a Facebook user Dhine Pineda had made a challenge to Big Brother 'Kuya" to let Karina's boyfriend enter the house and according to his post the challenge was accepted.
           Screen shot/ Dhine Pineda FB

As of the posting, the challenge of letting Karina's boyfriend enters the house has gained more supports from netizens which garnered 35K comments, more than 52K shares and 118K reactions.

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