Know your flight rights with new mobile app

Pinoy travellers can be more protected by this new Air Passenger Bill Rights (APBR). The Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) launched recently the Air Passenger Bill of Rights (APBR) mobile app - this is to give way to passengers inquiries in case of flight delays and cancellation announcements.

The mobile app boasts features enabling its users to connect directly with CAB's chatbox and APBR hotline 16-566 to increase awareness and education for passengers concerns.

Air passengers can now file complaints and request assistance faster with the newly upgraded Air Passengers Bill of Rights (APBR) mobile App.

Here are some of your rights during your flight:

* Right To Be Provided With Accurate Information Before Purchase
* Right To Receive Full Value Of The Service Purchased
* Right To Compensation

The APBR mobile App can be download for free on android and apple mobile device. APBR will guide passengers on what to do when flights are cancelled or delayed.  

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