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Pregnant woman enjoys working out during her pregnancy

This woman appeared to be enjoying much on her pregnancy period. Old time theory surround exercising while pregnant could hurt the baby or might endangers baby's life.

            Photo/ Emily Breeze Instagram

However, this mom proved that pregnancy is not every woman's scary moment but instead enjoy the days as your baby is growing with your developing tummy.

According to study, low to moderate intensity weight training programme is safe and beneficial for pregnant woman with low-risk the time she will deliver her child.

                 Photo/ Emily Breeze Instagram

Watch Emily Breeze sharing her exercise routine through out her pregnancy.

She still doing exercise even on her final month before she will become a mother of two.

"Before you guys go all crazy on me - remember that I’m a real life human who has feelings. I’m a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend, and truly inspire to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

          Photo/ Emily Breeze Instagram

"I am sharing MY JOURNEY and not everyone has to agree with it- that’s what makes up this big world- a whole lot of different people! 

"But, please don’t shame me for doing something I have done my entire life and something that I KNOW makes me feel better every single day. 

"There will be moms who follow my lead and walk the dog, play with their kids, and workout and there will be moms who sit on the couch and eat fast food- cool- I’m not here to judge. Being a woman is hard, being a mom is hard- let’s all just show each other some love," She wrote.

What keeps her motivated?

"Well I wish I could say I woke up seeing rainbows and unicorns but the reality is I don’t. I’m just like you. I don’t dread going to the gym by any means, but I’m not super excited about it daily. But, one thing I can say is I have created habits and consistency. 

"These daily habits are a part of my life. They are non negotiable. I like to think of the long term benefits instead of the instant gratification. This is a lifestyle," She told her followers.

To get started it is recommended to always talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Once you're ready to get going, start gradually.

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