Bill seeks to provide monthly allowance for housewives filed in Congress

Manila, Philippines - A bill that seeks to give monthly allowance or compensation to stay-at-home mothers has been filed in the House of Representatives.

The House Bill 8875 or the Housewives Compensation Act Seeks to recognize stay-at-home mothers as valuable economic activity was authored by Albay Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda.

Under the bill, housewives whose family's economic status falls below the poverty threshold, and cannot be part of the labor force due to their responsibility as house carers shall be compensated.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and concerned LGU's to identify the beneficiaries and proper implementation.

Salceda noted that the proposal pointed out the data on the last three decades, the State has protected women's rights and worked to ensure gender equality. However, on January 2018 data shows approximately 11.2 million out of 12 million people are women who are unable to join the labor force due to unpaid care work.   

"Sometimes studies show that if we quantify the work of stay-at-home women, it approximates the work of 'kasambahay' or housemaids, thus housewives  also deserve to get paid at least what a 'kasambahay' earns," Salceda explained.

The cost of the assistance program is estimated to reach P35 billion. He made an estimated allocation where P32 billion would go to married women, P3 billion to single mothers, and the rest to widows, divorcees, and other women.

The bill proposes that a monthly payment of P2,000 shall be given to women with at least 1 child under 12 years old and living below the poverty line. It will continue until the family graduates from poverty or no longer have children under 12 years old.

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