Mon Tulfo "No Sorry" for calling Filipino workers 'lazy'

His remarks about "lazy" Filipino workers draw flak, however, special envoy to China Ramon "Mon" Tulfo Jr. refuses to apologize.

To the Filipino construction workers: Why should I apologize to you for telling the truth that you’re basically lazy and a slowpoke? Does the truth hurt?
— Ramon Tulfo (@RamonTulfoII) March 9, 2019

Labor Secretary Sivestre Bello III respects Tulfo's opinion but violently disagreed with him saying, "He should know that the most sought after workers in the world are Filipinos. You go in any other country and they always give preference to Filipinos because Filipinos are very industrious, very efficient, and they are very good workers," Bello quoted as saying to CNN Philippines.

Tulfo's comment drew flak after he claimed that Chinese is better that Filipino workers, as he defended Chinese workers coming in and work in the country during an interview with CNN Philippines, March 7, Thursday.

On the record, Tulfo told CNN Philippines : “Alam mo bakit nila preferred, ‘yung mga developers, ‘yung mga Chinese workers? Masipag. ‘Yung mga Pinoy workers, mawalang galang na, ‘pag pupunta sa job site tsaka lang dun magpe-prepare ng kanilang tools, whereas ‘yung mga Chinese preparado na.”

Chinese workers get the job done faster than the Filipinos according to Tulfo as they do not talk when on the job. “‘Yung mga Pinoy they take time, they sweep time, pupunta sa CR, iinom ng tubig, iihi… May nagsabi pa nga sa akin, what takes Chinese workers eight months to finish a certain project, sila, ang mga Pinoy, isang taon,” he added.

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) is not happy about the statement and they demanded Tulfo to issue an apology regarding his remarks.

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