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Netizen shocked over the Bible reflection dated April 22, same day earthquake shakens Luzon

A daily bible reflection from Didache April 22, Monday  shocked netizens as it happened what is written.

"The Big One," "I saw the Lord always before me Because he is at my right hand I will not be shaken - Acts 2:25," Krstna Snchez Dizon shared on her Facebook post a page from Didache - Daily Catholic Bible Reflection.

"I was in BDO while the earthquake happened, and one teller showed this after," Dizon wrote on her Facebook post.

Didache is the catholic daily bible reflection booklet. This is also known as the teaching of the twelve Apostles, dated by most scholars to the first century.

Here are some of netizens comment:

Japhet Dela Vega  - Trance Kapag binasa po natin ang bible wala pong coincidence na word. Ibig sabihin may dahilan kayat eksakto na kapareho ng date.\

Lemonade Straw - Everything happen with reason we dont know yet what it is but the best thing ask ur self us our self are ready if the biggest one will happen always pray always say sorry to all our sins always forgive change our way of living now just for the ready if its happen again😇😇😇 #GODisGREAT GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME... he just reminding us and he want us to get his message

Reden Cuenta - Nkktakot...kc halos lahat tau nwalan n ng pnanampalataya s knya. Lahat tau ndi n halos CIA nkklala. Nwala n ang dios s mga puso natin..

Șšörõj Lăhähm Leim Ash -  dpat lamang na tuong maging handa s panahong darating dahil lhat ng nasusulat ay matutupad. Dpat nga tyong mag diwang sa knayang pagbabalik. Dhil lhat ng namuhay kay Jesus at s knyang mga turo at saway ang siyang unang bubuhayin at mkksama sa alapaap ksama ng Anak ng Diyos..

Yesterday April 22, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake rocks Zambales at 5:11 P.M. Monday. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) recorded the origin and its epicenter 18 kms. northeast of Castillejos, Zambales with a depth of 21 kms.

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