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Worried Mum raise public awareness, finds plastic beads in daughters' ears after visiting indoor playground

A mother was horrified after a family bonding gone wrong, she found out her daughters' ears was filled with plastic beads.

     Photo Credit from Merlyn Tok FB

A Facebook user, Merlyn Tok, took her experience to social media to raise awareness to all the guardians of their child when playing in an indoor playground. The 30-year-old marketing executive  took her six-year-old daughter at the Northpoint City indoor playground on March 24. After a day her daughter complained of an itch in her right ear, Merlyn wrote a story on her Facebook.

They discovered a little plastic bead was stuck in her ear and according to her, it's the little plastic beads used in the "sand pit". Frightened mum then check her younger daughter and had three beads stuck in her ears, she added. She brought her daughters to the Accident & Emergency (A&E) but the doctor failed to remove the beads.

Then she scheduled her daughters to the ENT specialist the following working day, finally all the beads were taken out despite of the condition that the beads was very near to the ear drum, Merlyn described.

As a concerned mum for other children, Marlyn made the decision to go back to the said playground to inform the staff about the danger of those beads. However, it wasn't a good response she received from the staff of the said indoor playground.

“They must’ve been playing and putting the beads into their ears. Go see a doctor and bring the bill to us, we will reimburse," She claimed in her Facebook post that the staff told her.

Merlyn explained that she wasn't seeking for compensation but wanted to highlight the safety hazard.

After a day Tok's post on April 21, the playground Sunshine Childhood Playland published a statement on Facebook, reminding parents to be responsible for their children.

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