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Filipino and Panitikan subject are no longer required in college - SC

This is not a drill! The Supreme Court (SC) has ruled with finality saying that Filipino and Panitikan or Philippine Literature can be excluded as core subjects in college.

"No further pleading or motions shall be entertained in this case. Let entry of final judgement be issued immediately," SC Clerk of Court Edgar Arichita said.

The SC reiterated its decision confirmed as valid the Commission on Higher Education or CHED Memorandum Order No.20 or CMO 20, declaring Filipino and Panitikan no longer a core subjects. 

The decision drew backlash, which resulted to hold the order's implementation. 

The justices of the Supreme Court explained that, "CMO 20 did not violate the Constitution when it merely transferred these subjects as part of the curriculum of primary and secondary education," the ruling said.

The SC also added that CMO 20 only provides for the "minimum standards" for the general education component of all degree programs.

""The K to 12 Law explicitly recognized the right of schools to modify their curricula subject, of course, to the minimum standards prescribed by [the Department of Education].

"The K to 12 IRR (implementing rules and regulations) further confirmed the inclusiveness of the design of the K to 12 Basic Education curriculum by mandating the inclusion of programs for the gifted and talented and allowing acceleration of learners in public and private educational institutions," the SC added.

However, SC clarified public and private universities and colleges can still teach Filipino even if it is not in the curriculum.

“It does not limit the academic freedom of universities and colleges to require additional courses in Filipino, Panitikan and the Constitution in their respective curricula,” the SC said.

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