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James Reid reacts over Luke Baylon's controversial exit in Idol Philippines audition

Luke Baylon from Tuguegarao doesn't stop even he wasn't able to enter the 'Idol Philippines' audition. Baylon continue his passion to music in YouTube and even took the second spot of the most search video on YouTube Philippines over the weekend.

His exit to 'Idol Philippines' audition became controversial after three of the judges James Reid, Moira dela Torre, and Vice Ganda drop him to advance for the next round. Baylon performed his rendition of Alicia Key's "If I Ain't Got You" were only judge Regine gave him a 'Yes'.  

And netizens were really unhappy over the three judges decision for dropping Baylon to advance on the next round. 

James Reid earlier took on to his Twitter account in response to netizens comment on why he dropped Baylon to his performance. 

Reid commend Baylon as a good singer but explained that they are looking for the complete package.

On a separate tweet, Reid explained how hard for them to eliminate people with their dreams and that's the burden every judges are bringing. 

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