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PH is holding an Online Poll about Same-Sex Marriage... Are you in favor "Yes or No?"

After Taiwan's moved to legalize same-sex marriage as the first in Asia to happen, lawmakers from the Philippines House of Representatives decided to hold online voting to know the voice of the people. It simply asks whether you are in favor of or against of same-sex unions in civil partnership in the Philippines. 

However, LGBT organizations said that the Philippine House of Representative shouldn't determine LGBT rights based on the results of an online poll.

According to the Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy Network (LAGABLAB), it was an irresponsible move for the House of Representatives to asks for public opinion " with such inadequate information and narrow choices."

"Our Congress should not decide on our rights solely on the basis of personal opinions or mere online polls... Lets our choices be informed and our voices be heard," as quoted in the coconutmanila report.

Since last night, online poll that has been circulating in social media has garnered 65,216 respondents, with 38,332 or 59 percent saying they were against same-sex unions. Twenty sex thousand or 41 percent were in favor, while the other 3,397 or 1 percent were still undecided, according to CNN Philippines.

The bill seeks to allow same-sex civil partnership, whether they are of the opposite or of the same sex. 

Are you in favor? Yes or No?

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