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Artist reimagines Disney Princesses into school girls in the Philippines

Facebook user Gwencha shared a now-viral post of her artwork, showing the identity of every students from different university in the Philippines which turned  out into Disney princesses. 

Since then, Gwencha have been always fascinated to do something cool concept of school girl Disney princesses and now is the right time. Gwencha was inspired and motivated to create the cutest school girl princesses, since June is the opening of classes to most schools in the Philippines.

“I’ve always wanted to do this series. Please do know that I solely base on some symbolisms that seem related or similar to the Princesses’ stories,”  Gwencha wrote on her Facebook post.

Her artworks are truly remarkable, where it captivates Disney fans with its alluring representation of every girls in the University.

She described Ateneo as Cinderella, the Cindy's birbs in the movies, who took Humanities as her main course. The sleeping beauty 'Aurora' wearing Letran's school uniform as she approaches Intramuros and Snow White taking up Chemical Engineering in Adamson University.

UP is know for their iconic graduation sash and she portray Pocahontas. Given that there are numerous ancient trees at UP campus. Jasmine would probably fit to girls of UST, inborn to them of being a fighter like a tiger.

"Our iconic Mulan is part of UA&P to hang out with other international students and focus on being a proud Dragon (their mascot) in the varsity team!"

"Only Tiana can pull an eager smile while studying nonstop in PUP. Basically the epitome of determination."


"Our artistic Rapunzel enjoys the carefree and optimistic school like iAcademy as she pursues Animation and Fashion"

"Sister love by Elsa and Anna herself from St. Scholastica!"

"Upon seeing that The Beast looked like San Beda’s mascot, lion, she didn’t think twice and enrolled right away. Now she tries not to have her borrowed books become overdue"

"No, walang Tamaraw sa Moana movie, wag nyo na isipin hAHAHAH

//This is kinda bias// but Tamaraw is a sturdy and hardworking animal which reflects to Moana (para sa’kin ha wag nyuku away)"

"Is it Vanellope’s glitch or Mapùa’s? HMMM"

"Taking her passion for teeth to the next level, Toothiana (Rise of the Guardians) enrolled in CEU for Dentistry and made sure to hide her colored hair (feathers!) from time to time"

"Messing with Esmeralda with her fellow Red Warriors will probably get you schooled"

"Realizing that teaching Tarzan was a stepping stone for her, Jane enrolled in PNU and dedicated her life in becoming a professional teacher not just for an ape-man, but for every man and woman"

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