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Internet speed in the Philippines will improve almost that of Singapore by 2020 - DICT

Good news! The Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) announced that Mislatel most likely to get its frequency and permit to operate by the end of this month. Finally, Filipino internet users could expect a more faster internet speed by 2020.

“By next year, DICT envisions faster, reliable and consistent internet connection brought by healthy market competition.

“Our primary goal is to deliver concrete outputs by next year under our short term vision 2020. We are promising our people that by next year they will feel a very big improvement in our ICT environment because by that time, we will have a third telco in operation and we will have our Facebook two terabits per second capacity that will be given to us free and we will now distribute this internet capacity all over the Philippines reaching down to Mindanao,” acting secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology Eliseo Rio (DICT) said as quoted from Philstar report.

As part of healthy competition Globe and Smart started to allocate their biggest capex for 2018 and even bigger this year.

 "All of that will be changed by 2020. We will have a faster internet speed. Entry of third telco competing with Globe and Smart will improve our internet speed to almost that of Singapore," Rio added.

It is expected the third telco player 'Mislatel' to start operating by second quarter of 2020. If Mislatel fails in fulfilling its commitments, the government will recall the CPCN and frequencies that awarded to the group.

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