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Jeep driver runs mini sari-sari store while taking passengers on the road

Resourceful driver with his running sari-sari store has took a collective attention in the internet because of his unique way to earn extra income. Facebook user Glydelle Mau Ukay Anza, a civil engineering student of Palawan State University was delighted to share a photo of a jeepney 'multicab' where she rode on.

Anza said that she felt like she was inside a store, where she can find different kinds of product you need for your convenience - no need to worry, because a sari-sari store is right inside this jeep. 

The jeep is plying a route to Sta. Monica offers passengers a choice of food items and drinks during the trip. The driver sells items ranging from snack packs to candies, drinks, and chips hanging some of the products on a makeshift display board.

Over the years, some public transport drivers had complained about the burden of higher costs of fuel and spare parts.

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