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School canteen in Southern Negros uses locally made alternatives to promote a plastic-free culture

A public high school in Southern part of Negros Occidental is a perfect example of plastic-free institution and a culture of environment-friendly.

In the opening of classes on June 3, they debuted the 'Wala Usik' canteen which is in Hiligaynon for "zero-waste". Bulata National High School has adopted the initiative to use only "biodegradable and reusable" items i school campus. These includes some of the students school projects like bamboo mugs, coconut shell bowls, and banana leaves.

The school canteen even promote local's fresh and healthy diet, and discourage processed food packaged in single-use plastic.

There are already 8 zero-waste stores that have been operating in Negros Island, aims to lessen plastic waste that brings harm to our food source and food supply in the ocean.

The idea was primarily initiated by school principal Eiggy Duller Yap, who recently attended the seminar from Danjugan Island's Marine and Wildlife Camp. His attendance has made him realized that they need to act now, he saw that natural resources were under threat from plastic pollution.

BNHS also painted school walls with colorful marine life with theme "More Fish, Not Plastic," an indication to zero plastic zone institution.

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