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Vlogger Keith Talens fathers day prank turns out to be the saddest surprise ever

Vlogger Keith Talens shared on social media the supposed to be surprised moment for his father in the hospital on fathers day. However, everything has turned out to be a mourning and grieving surprise for them after learning his father has passed away.

In the video, it can be seen Keith together with his wife and daughter excited, recording all the details and plans how to surprised his father. The family has to travel more than 10 hours just to reach Santiago City, Isabela. 

In some of the clips taken during their stop over, it can be seen Talens uncomfortable and feels nervous while on their trip. But they continue to travel until they reach Santiago. The clip suddenly change into the saddest surprised, when one of the family members  approach Talens with a hug and cried.

A heartbreaking scene was witnessed as he tried to wake his dad up. 

However, others denounce the video, saying that it was a disrespectful move to post it online, as if he just using it to attract viewers.

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