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Sharon Cuneta's new transformation wows netizens

A throwback picture of Mega star Sharon Cuneta way back 2013 compared to her latest photo is completely a big transformation. On Instagram, the photo was captioned "2013,2019 DREAM, PRAY, BELIEVE,ACHIEVE. Dreams come true".

Sharon showed off her more defined jawline and cheeks, looking her young and fresh once again.

Netizens couldn't help but talk about what they call a dream come true for the Mega star. 

nisselburingrud: Omg!!! You are looking so fabulous again!!!

savannahnicole1185_tmu: Wow. @reallysharoncuneta such a huge difference. Healthier but I miss your curves. But I’m happy your happy. I know it’s been your dream to return to your old size. I’m just happy that you haven’t changed how some people do when they lose weight. Your still well grounded. Hugs and kisses

Big, small, it doesn't really matter. You're smart, gracious, classy, and has a really big heart. You may continue to find meaning and joy in what you do and stay inspired.” 

“Mega achieve!!! Always admired your discipline! Forever you are a great inspiration to a lot of people my dearest Mega!” 

“True momma! Just keep the faith to your dreams and it will come true in whatever ways.. determination is also the key..”

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