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Ten students allegedly possessed by evil spirit in Bacolod school

Around ten female students from Grade 8 and 9 are reportedly collapsed in a public school in Barangay Granada, many believed that the children were possessed by bad spirit. The first incident happened on Monday afternoon, involving a Grade 8 student, who collapsed at the classroom building located at the back of the school campus.

They heard the child talking in different voice like a male adult, narrating a fatal accident involving a family in the barangay in 2016. 

Another three girls were reportedly experienced the same form of possession. The following day, another group of student went through the same experience while they offered a prayer rosary at a field near a big tree. The school officials suspend the classes and worried to the cryptic situation that happened to the children. 

They immediately called a priest to address the situation after an initial report as a case of exorcism.

However, the priest claimed the students were not possessed, as quoted in Manila Bulletin report.

The parents were advised to understand the situation and the authorities were already investigating the situation.

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