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World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) 2019 Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners of World Championship of Performing Arts 2019. Singers, musicians, dancers, variety artists, actors and models are once again gathered at the 23rd Annual World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA), from July 12-23, 2019 at Long Beach, California. 

Here are the winners of the World Championships of Performing Arts 2019 (WCOPA):

Junior Grand Champion of the World - Alessia Boccuto - Italy

Junior Champions
Vocal Group - Arato Brothers - United States
Instrumentalist - Zhong Pei Ya - China
Dance Solo - Ester Ejlli - Germany 
Actor - Abigail Combrink - South Africa 
Variety - Shane Aaron Selloria - United States 
Female Model - Alessia Maria Stoica - Romania
Male Model - Nicco Diamond - United States 
Dance Group - Triple Charm - United States
Vocalist - Alessia Boccuto - Italy

Senior Grand Champion of the World - Karina Christina Benalcazar - Austria

Senior Champions
Instrumentalist - Maheva Raelison - France
Vocal Group - Pacific Harmonies - New Zealand
Dance Solo - Sarah Gray - Australia
Actor - Lea Anne Grevett - Australia 
Everyday Model - Alexandra Kodvaag - Norway
Dance Group - Coalixon - Philippines
Variety - Wai Fei Hung - Hong Kong
Female Model - Berite Labelle - Switzerland
Male Model - Gareth James Hall - Switzerland
Vocalist - Karina Cristina Benalcazar - Austria

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