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CIBO Offers P22 Dining Seat Sale for selected Italian dishes

Cibo is celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year and they are offering P22 dining seat sale as announced on their Facebook page. Dishes like pizza 5 formaggi, tramezzini pollo, linguine alla nettuno, penne al telefono and more.

However, to avail the promo, a boarding pass is needed. 

 How do I get a CIBO Boarding Pass?

To get the CIBO Boarding Pass (“CIBO BP”), you need to get the limited P599 CIBO Gift Card (“CIBO GC”). The CIBO BP is attached to CIBO GC. The P599 CIBO GC + CIBO BP is available across all CIBO branches.

How many P22 dishes can I get with a CIBO Boarding Pass?

One CIBO BP may be used to purchase a single P22 dish. The CIBO BP is for single use only. (i.e. the CIBO BP does not entitle the user to an unlimited number of P22 dish purchases).

What are the P22 dishes?

A: Please see below for the list of our P22 promotional dishes (note that all pasta dishes are single serving only)
• Pizza 5 Formaggi.
• Tramezzini Pollo.
• Linguine alla Nettuno.
• Penne al Telefono. 
• Panino Porchetta.
• Panino Tonno.
• Rigatoni di Bruto.
• Farfalle alla Veneziana.
• Spaghettini alla Bolognese.
• Pizza Margherita.

Are there any restrictions to the use of the CIBO GC?

The CIBO GC is treated as cash and may be used as part of your payment for your CIBO bill. It also does not have an expiry date and may be used independently of the CIBO BP

Are there any restrictions to the use of the CIBO BP?

The CIBO BP may be used on any day, at any time and at any branch within the August to end-September, 2019.

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