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Google Assistant now will help you send reminders to friends and family members

Google Assistant is a new feature that will help you send reminders to people you like in a more efficient way. The new feature is designed mostly for families and friends that could be set up on their phones or Google Home.

You can ask Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, or Google's Assistant to set a reminder, and a pop up reminder will appear.

You can create a reminder with voice or text and set it to show up at a certain time or to pop up in scheduled to get a perfect timing.

Then you can add a command, telling google to remind your husband to pick you up at 6 p.m or telling him to take out all the trash before you reach home.

That person will then see the reminder and even browse all the list of your reminders. The software will comply only as soon it recognizes your voice. Instead of just reminding yourself to do something, now you'll be able send the reminder to someone especially to your children that needs your daily guidance.

Here's how to set up Google Assistant to your smartphone:

1. You have to create a Family Group online to manage both phone and Smart Display reminders.
2. So that you can send reminder to someone, the person should be registered in your Google Contacts list.
3. You need to create a privacy-compliant account through the company's Family Link platform, and then pair that account with and the person's voice to a Google Home Speaker.

The new Google Assistant will start rolling out over the next month in select English-speaking regions, such as US, UK, and Australia.

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