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Superdad who made a stunning gown for her daughter is now an online most love

This dad prove that being manly doesn't depend on image, but on what you do.Toni Masil, a proud daughter shared her father's creation on social media that wows the internet. Her superdad is a TLE teacher at Francisco Nepomuceno MemorialHigh School in Pandan, Angeles City, Pampanga who made her stunning gowns for many events. 
        Photo credit: Toni Masil / Twitter @ToniJPM

Teacher Gregorio "Gregg" Masil was lauded for his creation to his daughter.

The 18-year-old proudly showed off a blue dress that received an influx of support from netizens, who were impressed over her dad's creativity.

"I'm just proud and I want everyone to see," Toni said.

But this wasn't the first time her dad made for her or her sisters. She narrated that her dad's interest in sewing began when the school gave him a subject of dressmaking. Before teacher Gregg was very hesitant to accept the dressmaking subject until he slowly learned from online tutorial and thanks to YouTube!
         Photo credit: Toni Masil / Twitter @ToniJPM

Toni recalled when her dad has nothing to do, but to create his daughter prom gown back in her 10th grade.

“I was in 10th grade, it was prom season when he made his first gown. I had nothing to wear, I never saw a gown I liked so I asked him if he can make me one,” Toni shared.

The dress was a success that made her a prom queen that night, look gorgeous in her dad's creation.

The young lady shared her dad's dream that someday he can his own shop but now his focusing on his career as public school teacher. Toni hopes that when she graduates from college, her dad would finally reached his dream of opening a dress shop.

“He does these gowns and dresses po simply because he wants us to be happy and confident especially with what we wear. And kasi he loves us and can’t say no to our requests,” Toni shared. 

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