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Two suspects for allegedly beating up helpless Grab driver arrested

Helpless Grab driver was allegedly beaten up by his passengers. The video showed the 47-year-old driver Reynaldo Tugade and his passengers had a heated exchange at the Quezon City's Barangay village Del Monte. This Grab driver was supposed to pick up four passengers but, unfortunately, five were waiting for him and one of which is a child.

However, rules are rules, and Grab policies say, regardless of age Tugade's car can hold only four passengers at a time. The dispute starts when a man Jan Jervi Mercado, 25 and Rhea Sangil, 23 strongly opposes his explanation about Grab rules, saying one of the five passengers is a child.

In the now viral video can be seen furious Mercado was repeatedly cursing at Tugade, claiming that he is also a Grab driver and insisting Grab rules accept five people to board a vehicle if one is a child. However, Grab denied Mercado's claimed.

“Grab Cars can only accommodate up to four passengers,” Grab said. “Children, regardless of age, shall be counted as one passenger.”

Mercado and Sangil are currently being detained at the QCPD's station, charged with malicious mischief and physical injury.

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