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Nellys Pimentel of Puerto Rico crowned Miss Earth 2019, List of Winners

Miss Earth 2019 came to a close with a new set of winners who were crowned on Saturday, October 26 at the Cove in Okada Manila. Vietnam's Miss Earth 2018 Phuong Khanh Nguyen passed the crown to Pimentel who bested 84 other candidates for tonight's competition.

Pimentel is crowds favorite during the Q&A portion, she called for her country's leaders to stop taking advantage of the environment and start initiatives to protect the environment. 

He was asked during the competition how she would convince those who don't believe in climate change that it is a serious problem.

"I would have to say that addressing this issue of people not believing in climate change is more of a matter of lack of education and not only a lack of education but also the ignorance and not wanting to inform themselves of the fact that we are living in a planet that is our biggest home, and we have taken advantage of it instead of putting back what it is giving to us," Pimentel answered.

Here are the other winners:

Miss Earth Fire: Belarus' Alisa Manenok
Miss Earth Water: Czech Republic's Klara Vavruskova
Miss Earth Air: USA's Emanii Davis

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