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Singapore to ban ads on drinks with high in sugar

Singapore to become first country in the world to ban ads for drinks that contain high sugar, the move is part of war against diabetes. A new mandatory nutrition color-coded label for packaging in beverages will be implemented so that the consumer will know the drinks they are buying are high  in sugar.

The total ban will apply to all the beverages that are considered the most unhealthy, will cover all forms of advertising such as print, broadcast, and online social media platforms. 

Each products will be grade based on its nutritional content, where the amount of sugar, fat and trans-fat will be taken into account.

Sugar-sweetened products including soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, malted drinks, and instant coffee would all be affected by the new regulation.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said it aims to help consumers identify unhealthy beverages and they will be informed with the new packaging label.

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