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6 Events In Ayala Malls Central Bloc Cebu Before Christmas You Shouldn't Miss

Since December is the last month of the year and it's a perfect time to be with families and friends during this festive season. Feel the Christmas spirit at the Ayala Malls Central Bloc Cebu which will take place at the Ayala Activity Center from December 6 to December 22.

A concert from a well-loved band kicks off the month, which will also feature a Game Tournament, Convention, and Arts Festival.

Below are the list of events in Ayala Malls Central Bloc Cebu to look out before Christmas.

1. URBANDUB - December 6 at 9PM, Activity Center

2. SPOTLIGHT Music & Arts Festival - December 7 & 8


4. BEN & BEN LIVE - December 15

5. RECCON: Tabletop Roleplaying Games Convention - December 21

6. TOFICON: Toys & Figures Convention - December 22

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