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Black Eyed Peas, Slams the Racist Flight Attendant

Black Eyed Peas musician accused a flight attendant from Australia's national carrier Qantas for being racist and rude to him on a flight. 

The musician was listening through the use of his noise cancelling headphones and he couldn't hear her then the flight attendant was upset. was met by police Saturday (November 16) at Sydney Airport after the incident with "over aggressive flight attendant". 

He gave details of the incident that led the police about confronting him. The flight attendant acted unprofessionally during his travels and accused her for being racist by calling the cops. 

On his twitter account, said, "I'm sorry say me and my group have experienced the worst service due to overly aggressive flight attendant… I"I don't want to believe his racist". He then added, "This is how you greeted when you land from Brisbane to Sydney flying @qantas with a @Racistflightattendant". He then named the flight attendant. I did comply quickly…I think I was targeted." 

The musician claimed the flight attendant clearly aimed all her frustrations at the people of colour. 

After noticing the flight attendant was being subjected to online bullying, the musician said that frustrations was due to lack of compassion. He urged everyone not to send hate. He won't support abuse and attack like this. Everyone should be compassionate and understanding towards each other. 

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