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Dad hilarious dance moves in front of his three-month son is the cutest video on the internet right now

The video of a daddy dancing in front of his baby is viral on social media. The viral dad in the video is Ariel Sarino.

He didn't expect the video to go viral because he just wanted to be proud daddy and  show how playful he was.

The 26-year-old Sarino from Butuan City is a professional choreographer, who shared a priceless moment with his son is now the internet's beloved video.

He said, "I wasn't expecting na dumami… imI'm just being a proud dad that's why I upload it and to show how playful I am as a person… BuBut anyways Thank you so 3M views  so much love from my family… #DancingDad"

Click and watch the full video here:

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