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Disney Pixar Releases Pinoy-Led Animated Film 'Float' This November

Pixar's animated films have become part of many Filipino's childhood and here's another one that you can look forward too this November. 

This time, Pixar has brought the short animated film with a touch of Filipino characters, Float

Float was helmed by Filipino-American filmmaker Bobby Rubio, it is the story of a father who discovers that his son can float in the air, which makes him different from other kids. Dad gets confused after the unique ability of his son revealed into public, he must decide whether to hide him or accept his son's supernatural gifts.

Pixar's are known for the movies like Toy Story, Monster Inc., Cars, The Incredibles, and Up that most probably have been part of your family bonding time.

"When I was growing up, I didn’t see much characters that looked like me on television or movies and I am thrilled that my children will have these guys and hopefully they are just the beginning and will inspire more Filipino-American stories to come!" Rubio said on an Instagram post about the boy character he created for Float.

The Oscar-nominated Bobby Rubio is also a maker of the comic book Neighborhood Legend's with Filipino superhero character who uses Philippine arnis as his weapon.

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