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Man lights a candle for his deceased salary is a fact that many will agree!

Opps,admit it! This viral picture from a man who lights a candle for his deceased salary is most probably everybody's experience.
A Facebook user Emerson Condino Tattao shared a photo of a lighted white candle with a note written "SAHOD, October 30, 2019 to November 1, 2019 Rest in Peace". He explained that after receiving his salary and pay all his bills, nothing left. His salary didn't even stay at least a day from his pocket, he said.

He was sad when he realized that he has no money left. So, he light a candle to pay tribute for his month end salary, he told GMA news.

He said that someone like him who end up nothing every payout will always be good to save a portion of the salary, saying 'Ipon now, Enjoy Later'.

The photo quickly went viral as many people could relate Mr. Tattao's experienced.  

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